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Venerdì, 03 Ottobre 2014 15:00

Coastal Cleanup Day

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Today’s guest post, from the “Green Lions Guild” of District 4-C2, is about the 30th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day held on Saturday, September 20th, 2014. Photos from the event can be seen here. Beach Cleanups work towards one of our Centennial Service Challenge goals of serving 25 million people by Protecting our Environment. Use the hashtags #Lions...
Lunedì, 06 Ottobre 2014 15:19

Lions Kick Off World Sight Day

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October 9 marks the 17th annual World Sight Day. To celebrate, Lions around the world are focusing their attention on eliminating causes of preventable blindness and improving sight with special vision-related service projects throughout the entire month of October.This year, International President Joe Preston will meet with Lions in Iceland to...
Lunedì, 06 Ottobre 2014 19:00

October Membership Growth Month

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Earn Rewards for Adding New Members in October!October is a New Membership Growth Month. It’s a great time to grow your club and earn special recognition when you do. Here’s what you can earn:Silver Pin – Lions who sponsor a new member in October will receive a Membership Growth Award Silver Pin.Gold Pin – Lions who sponsor a member in…
Mercoledì, 08 Ottobre 2014 15:00

LQ: Children in Need

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All over the globe, Lions are working towards addressing issues affecting children. In this segment of the October Lions Quarterly, we see how Lions are focusing on the health and education of children by providing clean water, sanitation and vaccines, as well as getting more children into school and expanding early literacy. Not only are they...
I was proud when our Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) partner, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Companies (JJVCC), announced the expansion of Sight for Kids from Asia to Kenya and Turkey during our International Convention in Toronto. Through this special partnership between LCIF and JJVCC, Sight for Kids provides vision screenings to...
Venerdì, 29 Agosto 2014 15:34

Video: Lions Wizard of Oz Parody

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Come along with Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion as they follow the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Emerald City Lions Club and learn all the ways they can serve their community. This video was first shown at the International Convention in Toronto, and it’s a fun way to spread the word about Lions and let people…
Lunedì, 01 Settembre 2014 15:00

Lions in India Feed Hungry Children

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As a part of the Centennial Service Challenge goal to serve 100 million people by December 2017, Lions Club of Guwahati Kamrupa in India held a Relieving the Hunger project that fed 1,700 children in need. Over 50 Lions prepared and distributed lunch to the children. These Lions have committed to feeding 5,000 children this year.The Centennial...
Martedì, 02 Settembre 2014 18:28

Webinar: The Role of the Cabinet Secretary

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“The Role of the Cabinet Secretary” webinar provides training and guidance for this essential district position. As the cabinet secretary you play a key role in communicating, scheduling, and providing resources to the district leadership team, while also assisting the district governor. The presentation reviews the cabinet secretary...
Mercoledì, 03 Settembre 2014 15:00

Preston’s Blog: #WeServe in Brazil

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Two weeks ago, Joni and I visited Ceara, Brazil, where the Lions are living up to our motto “we serve.” There, I promoted the Pride of being a Lion at the opening of the Council of Governors meeting, met with Lion Leaders, Club Presidents and Leos, and dumped a bucket of ice water over my head. Yes, I said it…
Venerdì, 05 Settembre 2014 15:00

Read the September LION Magazine

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In the September LION Magazine, learn about an exceptional Leo club in Massachusetts, find out how Lions are helping those affected by the Sandy Hook shooting, and read the variety of responses Lions gave to the question, “Who was Melvin Jones?”Also in this issue:A glad heart, a revived spirit or new precious memory created—it’s all in a day’s s...
Mercoledì, 18 Giugno 2014 15:00

Social Media Tip: How to Use Hashtags

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You might hear us telling Lions to use hashtags when posting pictures and stories of service activities on Facebook and Twitter, but what exactly is a hashtag and how do they work? Here’s a basic rundown:What is a Hashtag?hash·tag?haSHtag/noun(on social media sites such as Twitter) a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and...
Venerdì, 20 Giugno 2014 15:00

Teaching Young Students to Serve

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The Coventry Lions Cub program began when the principal of North Coventry Elementary School contacted Lions about starting a Leo club in his school. The students were too young to become Leos, but that didn’t stop Lions from coming up with a new way to get youth involved in service. The first year of the Cub program was during the…
Lunedì, 23 Giugno 2014 15:00

Women Lions Lead the Way

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This article was written by District 202K DG-elect Marian Andrews and originally appeared in the South Pacific Lion Magazine. Thanks for sharing, Lion Marian!District 202K adds something unique to Lions Clubs International with four women leading the district in succession.In the 2012-13 Lions year, the district’s first woman was District Governor...
Mercoledì, 25 Giugno 2014 15:00

Opening Eyes for Baby Georgia

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Lions Walk for Baby GeorgiaMy name is David Galloway of the Springhill Lions Club in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada. I just wanted to shine light on a campaign I recently created, Opening Eyes for Baby Georgia. Last month, I walked blindfolded while guided by a fellow Lion for six days over two mountains from Springhill, Nova Scotia to Truro,...
Venerdì, 27 Giugno 2014 15:00

Palmer’s Blog: Saving Lives in Bosnia

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Lions – My year as your International President is coming to an end, and I’m spending these last few moments continuing to meet new Lions and learn more about what we’re doing around the world.Last week I was in Bosnia, visiting an emergency center that is also used for educating doctors in Bosnia and surrounding countries. This...
Mercoledì, 11 Giugno 2014 15:00

Helping Kids at Risk through Tourism

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The Canberra Lions in Australia are turning tourism into a way to help kids at risk. They have funded the Westwood Lodge, a new 70 bed hostel that provides accommodations for school, sports and community groups visiting Canberra. Revenue from the hostel will go back to kids in the community, helping to finance Lions programs for young people at...
Giovedì, 12 Giugno 2014 15:00

Your Feedback: Advice for New Clubs

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We asked, and Lions answered!What advice would you give to a newly chartered club?Pamela Smith Masters: When recruiting new members, don’t worry about getting to a number–seek to connect with those who have a passion for the community and service.Darrell DW: Grow slow and smart. Pick one service project or program goal and do not start...
Lunedì, 16 Giugno 2014 15:00

A Day in the Park with Lions

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The Miskolc First Lady Lions Club in Hungary had a great time celebrating Helen Keller Day earlier this month with blind people in the community. The Lions event invited blind people to join them at a local park for a day of relaxation and exercise, including gymnastics and Nordic walking. Fifty blind people joined in the fun!Since 1925, when...
Martedì, 03 Giugno 2014 15:00

Read the June LION Magazine

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In the June LION, find out why campers love the Louisiana Lions Camp so much, learn about some super service projects and meet the 2014 Peace Poster contest winner.Also in this issue:A son shares how being a Lion enriched his father’s life.Lions around the world took part in the World Lunch Relay in April.The LION’s managing editor ponders what it...
The Reading Action Program began in 2012 and became a 10-year commitment to increasing literacy rates around the world. Lions everywhere participate by donating books to local schools and libraries, reading to children, starting programs that encourage parents to read with their kids, and more. Thank you to Past District Governor Beverly Nichols...
Today’s featured photos are from the members of the Vinton Lions Club in Iowa, USA, who were thrilled with the success of their recent scrap metal collection project. The community came together and helped Lions collect enough scrap metal to fill two semitrailers!Funds received after sending the metal to a local commercial crusher goes...
Lunedì, 09 Giugno 2014 15:00

LQ: Lions Message in a Bottle

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The Message in a Bottle program organized by Lions in Ireland helps people receive the special care they need during an emergency. Community members participating in the program fill out a form with their personal information and family contacts, then place the vital info in a small bottle in the fridge. Stickers are placed throughout the home to...
A special thanks to the cast of Second City in Chicago for helping us put together this fun video, which we hope can spread the word about Lions clubs, motivate Lions to invite new members and embrace new ideas, and encourage everyone to eat more pancakes (and waffles!). Be sure to share the video with your club, friends and family!Pancake...
Each year, the Lions Environmental Photo Contest gives the Lions the opportunity to portray — through the lens of a camera — their commitment to protecting and preserving the earth’s natural beauty. The 2014 finalist photos are now on the LCI Pinterest page.This year’s categories include:Animal lifePlant lifeUrban or...
Venerdì, 23 Maggio 2014 14:38

Lions in the Headlines

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Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities. – See more at: http://lionsclubs.org/blog/2014/05/16/lions-in-the-headlines-51/#sthash.7Jq7owwS.dpufCheck out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.AUSTRALIA: Canberra Lions unveil 70-bed lodge to support youth...
Giovedì, 15 Maggio 2014 15:00

#LCIWorldLunch Contest Winners!

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The Lions World Lunch Relay was a great success! For 24 hours on April 4, Lions around the world gathered with their friends and family to celebrate Lions’ service and to encourage others to join in.We’re excited to announce the winners of the Lions World Lunch Relay contests! Categories included:Most family and friends – The lunch w...
Venerdì, 16 Maggio 2014 17:00

Lions in the Headlines

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Check out how Lions around the world are making headlines by serving their communities.BAHAMAS – Twelve local teachers complete LionsQuest training.MINNESOTA, USA – Lions serve thousands at 57th annual Lions Club Pancake Day.HAWAII, USA – The Kauai Lions Club presents the Vision Van, which offers health screenings up to an hour...
Lunedì, 19 Maggio 2014 15:00

From Active Duty to Active Lion

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Like many other young men and women, Robert Aguilar, Jr. became a U.S. Marine because he wanted to serve his country.“I’ve always had a sense of duty and a desire to serve,” said Aguilar.Now that Robert has left the military, he’s found a new way to serve – as a Lion. When Robert was invited to join the Seal Beach…
The Uptown Lions Club is the first new club club chartered in New Orleans in 35 years. The club’s mission is simple: to help provide New Orleans musicians with access to affordable health care. While serving musicians may not be a traditional mission statement for other Lions around the world, it makes sense for the Uptown Lions because of...
Mercoledì, 21 Maggio 2014 15:40

Palmer’s Blog: LCI Staff Appreciation

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G’day from Lions Clubs International Headquarters! On Monday, I had the opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful staff here at HQ, who work so hard year-round to ensure Lions have the resources they need to serve their communities. We held a lovely Staff Appreciation Lunch, and I was able to honor several individuals for their...
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